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Marine Engineering: Amber Cove Cruise Ship Docking Facility

Amber Cove Cruise Ship Docking Facility

Bahia De Maimon, Dominican Republic

Design-build a 1,075 ft. port-of-call cruise ship pier, plus timber excursion dock with talapas and over-water walkways and platforms.

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Marine Engineering: The Grand Turk Cruise Terminal

The Grand Turk Cruise Terminal

Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos, British West Indies

Design-build a pile-supported port-of-call pier, with docking for two 960-foot cruise ships, plus timber dock to smaller accommodate smaller tour boats.

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Marine Engineering: Colonna's Shipyard Piers

Colonna's Shipyard Piers

Norfolk, VA

Design-build a marine facility consisting of two concrete piers atop pre-stressed concrete piles to support the largest travelift on the East Coast.

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Marine Engineering: Mayport Naval Station

Mayport Naval Station

Jacksonville, Florida

Repair the Wharf Delta bulkhead, including the replacement of approximately 2,080 linear feet of existing sheet-steel pile bulkhead.

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Marine Engineering: Port Castries, Berths 2 and 3

Port Castries, Berths 2 and 3

St. Lucia

Design-build a reinforcing steel-sheet pile bulkhead in front of an existing 100-year old concrete cylinder gravity structure.

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Marine Engineering: Port Tampa Bay, Berth 223

Port Tampa Bay, Berth 223

Tampa, Florida

Marine improvements to Berth 223, including removal of an existing bulkhead and relocating a new bulkhead to create a deep-water berthing facility for unloading liquid cargo.

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Marine Engineering: Targa Resouces, Docks 4 and 2

Targa Resources, Docks 4 and 2

Galena Park, Texas

Renovation project to demolish Dock 2A and the approach, remove designated breasting and mooring dolphins, dredge to -40 ft. to construct Dock 4, a pile-supported concrete structure with elevated steel platform, and perform a partial rebuild of the existing approach as a pile-supported concrete dock parking area for existing Dock 2 and new Dock 4.

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Marine Engineering: Cruise Ship Pier

Cruise Ship Pier

Puerta Maya, Cozumel

Design-build a pier extension to provide mooring for cruise ships up to Royal Princess Class as well as smaller class ships, plus construction of a 520 ft. x 30 ft. access bridge extending from the existing pier structure to the new pier.

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Marine Engineering: G & G Shipping Bulkhead

G & G Shipping Bulkhead

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Design-build a 250 linear ft. steel-sheet pile bulkhead, with a 40 ft. wide concrete apron with asphalt surface, to stabilize a failing seawall, plus a new heavy lift crane pad and mooring support structures.

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